Whole log look without the price!

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Certified with Timber Products Inspection (TPI)!

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Bearlodge Forest Products

We are located in the beautiful Black Hills of Northeastern Wyoming, and are just nine miles north of Devils Tower.


We manufacture over 17,000 new pallets each month primarily for mines and manufacturing. 

Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine is a beautiful, enduring wood that is easy to work with, and is well known for its character.


Whole log look without the whole log price. You finish to match your decor.

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Hulett, Wyoming
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Our window bucks come in 8’ and 12’ lengths. Using these gives the added thickness needed for an adequate chink line when placed over a planed 1” x 4”.   Another option is to rip both tongues off the siding and use for a wider door buck, placing over a planed 1” x 6”.


Chink-a-Log Door Bucks

Chink-a-Log Window Bucks


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