Whole log look without the price!

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Bearlodge Forest Products

We are located in the beautiful Black Hills of Northeastern Wyoming, and are just nine miles north of Devils Tower.


We manufacture over 17,000 new pallets each month primarily for mines and manufacturing. 

Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine is a beautiful, enduring wood that is easy to work with, and is well known for its character.


Whole log look without the whole log price. You finish to match your decor.

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Hulett, Wyoming
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What is the difference between Chink-a-Log siding and conventional log cabin siding?
Chink-a-Log siding is specifically designed to be chinked, which gives a more authentic log cabin look. Chink-a-Log siding is anchored on both sides, and at a full 7 1/4" coverage is better than with tongue-and-groove.

Why screw both edges when other siding is fastened on one edge?
If siding is attached securely, the likelihood of your butt-joints pulling apart after installation is minimal.

Do you do anything different if it’s used inside rather than outside?
Not concerning installation. But, when considering stain for the outside, typically darker is better because it has more pigment and a higher level of UV blocker. The finish will also need to be specifically designed for outside use. Ask us about Perma-chink products - we are the area dealer.

Can I use this siding without the chinking?
No. It was designed specifically to use with chinking. The chinking covers all the screw heads and seals the wall against water, wind and bugs. It also gives the wall the look of logs rather than just a solid wood wall.

Is Chink-a-Log siding as fragile as tongue and groove siding is?
No. There are no thin tongues or grooves to break during handling or hauling. You can walk on it if you want to. It's a very durable, easy to use product.

Is chinking difficult for the average homeowner to apply?
No, at least not with a little coaching from our staff, using our how-to dvd, and the right tools. Don't assume by watching a professional that it’s as easy as "falling off a log". But, if you installed the siding yourself, you are no doubt capable of applying the chinking.

Do I need any special equipment to install Chink-a-Log siding?
A cordless drill to drive screws makes quick work of it.


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