Hulett, Wyoming

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Bearlodge Forest Products

We are located in the beautiful Black Hills of Northeastern Wyoming, and are just nine miles north of Devils Tower.


We manufacture over 17,000 new pallets each month primarily for mines and manufacturing. 

Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine is a beautiful, enduring wood that is easy to work with, and is well known for its character.


Whole log look without the whole log price. You finish to match your decor.

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Hulett, Wyoming
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Ponderosa Pine is a beautiful, enduring wood that is easy to work with, and is well known for its character.

Ponderosa’s taproot anchors it against the wind better than other species.  To protect itself against uprooting, it develops a wider and deeper root system as it grows.  When the wind buffets it, it grows hardy and resilient both above and below ground.  Its ability to survive is what accounts for the sought-after character of this wood, with its many knot and grain characteristics.

The taproot eliminates the need to clear-cut the Ponderosa, unlike other species.  Harvesters can cut trees selectively, which promotes forest health and multiple- use of the forest.  Because foresters can selectively thin Ponderosa forests, there’s much less danger of forest fire.

According to the Western Wood Products Association, “All woods shrink and swell to some degree as their moisture content fluctuates with atmospheric conditions.  However, Ponderosa is relatively unaffected by changes in humidity after drying, making it valuable for work that requires close-fitting joints.  It has a uniform cell structure and shrinks only a moderate amount, in comparison to other softwood species.  It seasons beautifully with minimal splitting, cupping, or warping.”

We are very concerned about the effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle on our forests.  When the needles are red, it indicates that the beetles have already left that tree and have moved on and infested other trees.  In order to responsibly manage the timber, we have to be proactive in our efforts to harvest the infested trees before the beetles fly in mid to late summer. 

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